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July 11 2014


Stargate Worlds - Science Fiction Or Science Fact?

So who do you think built the historical pyramids of Egypt? Is the response the same as that relating to the modern day archaeologists who may have to answer their Christian and Jewish investors as well as their Egyptian hosts. That they were constructed by the bare hands of ancient Egyptians some five thousand years in the past. A task that would have required the setting instead of twenty plenty of blocks for each and every 3 minutes for more than two decades! - science daily

Stargate An Actual Account of Events or a Story

Or, will be the real explanation patterned right after the favorite science fiction movie Stargate. That there was some extraterrestrial hand within the building from the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Besides, how about each of the other similar pyramids built across across the world, such as the ancient pyramids built somewhere in central and south Asia and America?

A Matter Whether Science Fact or Science Fiction

Who possibly constructed them and it is it just a coincidence that every were built simultaneously, around five thousand years ago? They were years ahead of their time,. That is why is it that a movie such as Stargate is promoted as science fiction when many so called science fiction movies of the past have eventually turned out to be based on fact, the only drawback?

Earlier Pessism of Manned Space Station

It absolutely was only within the years 1950 and 1940 that anybody who dared to intimate the chance of space shuttles, space stations and manned expeditions for the moon was looked upon as highly improbable. What about time travel as well as the future odds of molecular transport. Do you recall beam me up Scotty in the famous movie Star Trek?

We Are All Made Up of Empty Space

In the end, every one of us as well as the world that people are now living in is all essentially made up of empty space. Electrons spinning around atoms nuclei only make the semblance of solid mass. In fact, if the whole world was squeezed to the extent that all the empty space between electrons and the atomic nucleus was eradicated, the whole world could fit into a tea cup. This isn't speculation. This implies science fact. So is StarGate really science fiction after all? - science daily

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